Performed work


1.1 Development of design of premises and aquarium expositions;

1.2 Technical project development;

A) Acrylic glass project for expositions;

B) Concrete base for aquarium tanks;

C) Supply and exhaust unit design;

D) Electricity supply for life support of the oceanarium;

E) Drainage plant project;

F) Design quarantine and technical zones;

G) Control and management system for aquarium equipment and lighting parameters.

Material and technical support of the project

2.1 Work with suppliers based on project documentation: orders, control, logistics, import

А) Aquarium equipment

B) Acrylic glass

C) Aquarium chemistry

D) Decorative elements

E) Lighting for aquariums

F) Selecting and searching animals for the exposition

Construction and support

3.1 Construction of aquariums of various shapes and volumes, including tunnel pools and aquariums for jellyfishes

3.2 Waterproofing

3.3 Acrylic Panel Installation

3.4 Organization of technical premises for life support of aquariums

3.5 Control and maintenance of the electrical design, supply and exhaust installation

3.6 Connecting lighting equipment for aquariums

3.7 Decorating inside the aquarium space and exhibition areas

3.8 Organization of laboratories and quarantine zones

3.9 Setting up aquarium systems and water treatment for receiving and settling animals

Animal project

4.1 Accompanying documentation for import of hydrobionts

4.2 Obtaining, treatment and adaptation

4.3 Distribution by expositions

4.4 Selection and training of special personnel